Reverse Nordics

Reverse Nordics are an exercise used for both quadriceps strength and mobility. Focus on keeping your upper body and hips in a straight line as you lean back as far as possible. Return upright by pressing your toes into the ground (think of kicking the floor). If you need to scale this, simply use a resistance band to reduce your bodyweight. #barbellphysio #thebarbellphysio The Barbell Physio - Improving the world’s of athletic performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Specializing in helping improve the strength, mobility, and technique necessary for barbell athletes such as those participating in CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting. . #performanceplusprogramming I have also teamed up with one of the best gymnastics strength coaches in the world, Pamela Gagnon, to bring you the best in fitness programming to reach your goals. Inside of Performance Plus Programming, we have 40 different plans to help improve the fitness of athletes of all levels. Whether you
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