Buckshot on Cleaning Sean Price’s Dead Body According to Muslim Tradition

The Death of Sean Price in 2015 shocked thousands in the Hip Hop realm including members of the Boot Camp Click. Dring a sit-down with Buckshot, he reminisced the moment he discovered Price’s death. “I was supposed to go to Canada for a show and [sic] had called my phone and it was like 8 in the morning and said ’Yo, this n***a Ruck died.’“ He told DJ Vlad that he was in disbelief and headed to Prince’s home where he witnessed his friend’s body still in his bed. “His leg is shaped like a P, like he in a P position. I look in his eyes; I had to close my man’s mouth, I had to close my man’s eyes.“ Respecting the late rapper’s Islamic background, he proceeded to perform a funeral ritual also known in Arabic as a Janazah. “I had to actually clean his body, me, Steele and Tek. I give respect, and that was harsh. You know what I’m saying? To clean your man and your like ’Yo, I’m cleaning my man, and he’s gone.’“ Watch the full interview above.
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