B.J. Penn - K-1 🇯🇵 Highlights

Before B.J. Penn Became Second Multi-Divisional Champion in UFC History, He fought for K-1 Fighting Network Promotion’s Events such as K-1 Rumble on the Rock 4,K-1 MMA: Romanex,K-1 Rumble on the Rock 6,K-1: Hero’s 1 and K-1: World Grand Prix Hawaii. In these fights he fought Takanori Gomi,Duane Ludwig,Rodrigo Gracie, Lyoto Machida and Renzo Gracie. The he’s fight took place at Lightweight,Welterweight,Middleweight,Light Heavyweight and Openweight. Becoming the Rumble on the Rock Lightweight Championship and K-1 World Grand Prix Hawaii Superfight Winner. Socials: Instagram - Twiter - Facebook - #bjpenn #jehumedia #mma BEST HIGHLIGHTS 2022 Subscribe to the Jehu Media: About Jehu Media ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Fight fans, for today’s we will be covering B.J. Penn . The video covers the time Penn spent K-1 Fighting in the mma you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new! Also, don’t forget to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL to always stay tuned in for our new content! We hope you enjoy B.J. Penn - K-1 🇯🇵 was considered one of the top pound-for-pound mixed martial artists in the world early in his career and holds victories over opponents such as Din Thomas, Caol Uno, Paul Creighton, and Matt Serra. Penn won the Rumble on the Rock Lightweight Championship in K-1. He submitted long-reigning then-champion Matt Hughes to capture the UFC Welterweight a period in which Penn competed exclusively for K-1, he returned to the UFC and won the UFC Lightweight Championship. He made a record three subsequent title defenses before losing his title to Frankie Edgar.[11]
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