AKALI 【 明かり 】 ☯ Japanese Trap & Bass Type Beats ☯ Trapanese HipHop Music Mix

Akali is one of the ninja characters. 明かり (Akari) is Japanese for “light“ or “brightness.“ This may seem odd, as she is seemingly a character of darkness. Two of her abilities are Twilight Shroud, a smoke cloud which grants her invisibility, and Shadow Dance. Her name and nature fit, however. In the game’s lore, Akali is a member of the Kinkou Order. In Japanese, 均衡 (Kinkou) means “balance“ or “equilibrium.“ Thus Akali represents both darkness and light. Save our Spotify playlist of Samurai Trap & Bass Type Beat - Please Subscribe to my channel to get the best Japanese Trap & Type beat Mix ➤ Turn on notification for the fastest access to my new weekly uploads _ _ _ _ _ Thanks to all the musicians and artists for letting me use their work. Please visit their site and support them! 00:00 - tzi - Akkorokamui 03:25 - tzi - Baken
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