Multi Function Trim Router Jig $10 || DIY TRIM Router Jig

This is a simple, easy to use trim router jig that can be used for a variety of projects around the house! With this jig, you’ll be able to easily trim a variety of materials, like wood, plastic, and glass. This trim router jig is a great way to save money and achieve precise results in your projects. It’s easy to use and can be assembled in minutes, so get your hands on this jig and start trimming today! Multi Function Trim Router Jig for 10$! 6-IN-1 TRIM Router Jig - freehand routing, inlays, edge-banding, mortises, dados, circles & more! !!You can Download Plans from here: !! Milling machine 1 - Milling machine 2 - Domino Jig 1 - Domino Jig 2 - Protective mask - Spiral milling
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