Holy Terra meditation | Imperial Palace choir | Golden Throne deep Litanies | Warhammer 40k ambient

Holy Terra Imperial palace choral meditation | Golden Throne deep Litanies | Warhammer 40k Grimdark ambient by Monasterium Imperi. Full mix download at my Patreon: ▶ 40k inspired discography by Monasterium Imperi available at: ▶ --------------------------------------------- Spotify: ▶ iTunes/Apple music: ▶ Consider supporting this channel and my creations through Patreon: ▶ --------------------------------------------- This work is partially and indirectly inspired by the fascinating Warhammer 30k/40k universe and lore. It may as well serve as a soundtrack when reading the literature/playing the game/praying to the Emperor or pondering about the Grimdark future. Aside from that, it does not represent a direct, s
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