Movies That Inspire Your Favorite Stars During Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, IMDb fan favorites share the women’s stories that inspire and motivate them. #KateeSackhoff (“The Mandalorian,” “Another Life”) remembers the powerful impact that Sigourney Weaver’s character in ‘Alien’ had on her. The 1974 film ‘Claudine’ with Diahann Carroll was the first choice for Alisha Wainwright (“Raising Dion”); she deeply appreciates its humor and grace in handling the relatable challenges women faced in the ‘70s and continue to struggle with today. For #CamillaBelle (‘Phobias,’ ’10,000 BC’), Elizabeth Taylor’s performance in ‘National Velvet’ has continued to be a source of inspiration on and off set. Kelly Hu (‘Finding ‘Ohana’) smartly recommends an animated option with ‘Moana,’ a movie that goes far beyond the old Disney princess stereotypes. It’s hard to top the strength and nuance of Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in ‘Thelma & Louise.’ So, it’s no surprise that #MädchenAmick (“Riverdale,” “Twin Peaks”) turns to this 1991 classic again and again. A
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