How to Sculpt a Demiguise Tumbler

Hey everyone! Here’s my Demiguise tutorial from the Fanastic Beasts. Be sure to bake this after you are finished sculpting at your clay’s baking instructions. With super sculpey, you’ll bake 15 for every 1/4 inch at 275 degrees. Tools and Supplies I Used: - 16oz Plump Stainless Steel Tumbler (The Steel Magnolia) - Super Sculpey () - Super Sculpey Ultralight () - Sculpey Oven Bake Clay Adhesive () - Exacto Knife () - Clay Extruder () - Clay Shapers (, ) - Wax Carving Tools () Paints: I do not remember the paint names since I made this a few months ago. I do prefer to use FolkArt brand. If you have questions, I could give recommendations on colors similar to the ones I used. Happy Sculpting
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