Put Supports on the Ring for Jewelry 3D Printing & Jewelry Casting | Free Giveaway

Learn how to put supports & sprues on a Ring with Gemvision Matrix, Rhino & Protoslicer using Gv3dprinting and Easil removable supports. The purpose of this exercise is to teach you how to print casting-ready Rings. In high-production scenarios, you can save a lot of resin, metal, and time, not to mention manufacturing costs Download the design and analyze and Print it yourself. Giveaway Link You can download this file from this link & Print it using any SLA-type 3D Printer including LCD & DLP with the supported platform size. ?dl=0 Like this video & Subscribe to our youtube channel to get access to our past and future giveaways. For more information about our products please visit #rhino3d #matrixgold #jewellerydesign #3dmodeling #gv3dprinting
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