Bastille - Distorted Light Beam (Live from Future Inc. HQ)

DISTORTED LIGHT BEAM ∞ Live Performance Listen here: Production Company - Lowkey Films Director - Trash Factory Producer - Vanessa McDonnell --------------------------------- Follow BASTILLE: @bastille --------------------------------- LYRICS It isn’t enough To start a riot Distort the light beam Until I like me It isn’t enough If this is real life I’ll stick to dreaming Come see what I see Feeling like if this is life I’m choosing of fiction Call it faith, call it fame The fantasy’s the same When I’m dreaming tonight I can do anything When I’m dreaming tonight I can go anywhere When I’m dreaming tonight I can be anyone So don’t wake me up Don’t wake me up {Repeat} Levelling up Delete my history Choose how you see me And the future’s easier Levelling up In here I’m winning Defe
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