📚2-HOUR LATE NIGHT STUDY / gentle rain🌧 + lofi music / 50 minute Pomodoro / with timer+bell

🌵The rain sound 🌧 campfire sound 🏕️ version is here. Hi everyone! Recently, my channel subscribers has exceeded 30,000!!! Thank you guys so much! Super happy~ Based on your comments and feedback, the following improvements have been made to this video compared to the last one. ① Added the sound of gentle rain (quiet rain?). According to the results of the last vote, it seems that the rain sound works best for most of the people. And some people say that in the previous rain video, the rain sound is too loud, so according to your comments, I found a quieter rain sound this time. ②Inherited the editing style of last time, and added Chinese. The minimalistic editing style of last time was quite well evaluated, and it matched the scene this time, so I continued the style of last time. Most of my subsribers are native Chinese speakers, so I added Chinese below English. ③ Arranged a lighting that I am very happy with myself. I studied a lot of other youtuber’s excellent videos in order to create a comfortable scene for everyone to look at, and finally set up a feel-good set-up in my litle humble home by combining warm and cold colors, creating depth of field, etc. ④Tried to use the mix of the sound of rain lofi music. The feedback from people on the lofi music last time was pretty good, so I decided to continue using lofi music this time and add rain sounds on top of that. 👉🏼 As you can probably tell from the screen, Abao is practicing his Japanese by watching Japanese dramas today. What are you guys studying today? 👋🏼 STAY IN TOUCH 📸 My Instagram - 🐦 My Twitter - 📕 My Weibo - 📺 My Bilibili - 🎼 My Spotify playlist for study - ⏱ TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER 0:00 - INTRO 1:00 - Session#1 51:00 - Break 1:01:00 - Session#2 1:51:00 - OUTRO 🌳 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ☕️ Buy Me a Coffee (You can support me directly here:)) - 🌍 NordVPN (I use it for watching US-only Netflix show) - (use code “abao“ to get 66% OFF) 🎧 Epidemic Sound (Where I get music for my videos) - (30-day free trial) 🌿 YOU MAY ALSO LIKE STUDY WITH ME(lofi&jazz🎷) - STUDY WITH ME(calm piano🎹) - STUDY WITH ME(rain sound🌧) - STUDY WITH ME(fireplace🔥) - 🙋🏻‍♂️ ABOUT ME My name is Abao. I am a Chinese student living in Tokyo, Japan.🗼 I am currently studying at Waseda University. In this channel, I mainly post 📚 STUDY WITH ME videos, and 🤳my life as an international student in Japan. Some of my old videos are in Chinese only, but my recent video are all in both Chinese & English. Because of COVID, we all had to study alone at home. I hope my videos will make you feel less lonely.🌿 Although we can’t travel easily now, I hope I can show you beautiful scenery 🌉 through my videos. :) 🎥 MY YOUTUBE CAMERA GEAR 📷 My Camera Sony A6500 - Canon G7X mark ii - 🎤 Microphone RODE VideoMicro - Blue Microphones Yeti USB - 🤳 Tripod SIRUI A-1005 Y-10 SET - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC NGTR004TCF - 📹 Lens SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN - SIGMA 16mm F1.4 DC DN - SONY E50mm F1.8 OSS - 🎬 Editing software Final Cut Pro - ⚙️ TECH PRODUCTS 💻 My Laptop & iPad MacBook Pro 16-inch(2019) - MacBook Air M1(2020) - iPad Pro 11-inch(2018) - Apple pencil 2 - ⌨️ Accessories Keyboard - Trackpad - Mouse - Paperlike iPad screen protector - Laptop stand - 🖥️ Monitor EIZO 27-inch 4K EV2785-WT(left) - BENQ 27-inch 4K PD2700U(right) - 🔊 Speaker & Headphone Creative Pebble SP-PBL-WH - SONY WH-1000XM4 BM - Apple AirPods Pro - 🪴 INTERIOR PRODUCTS Cat Lamp - BENQ WIT LED - MUJI LED Aluminum Arm Light - Fake Plants - 📮 Submit your music ✉️Business contact:@ 🏷#Studywithme #LofiandRain #StudywithAbao
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