Satellite City #14 - THUNDER

NOTE: Satellite City is aimed at adults and persons over the age of 18. This show has scenes containing strong language, violence and horror. Satellite City Lore: With the Mannequin on the loose, Ludwig demands answers, but with his deputy ’Hayden,’ missing, Helgan must answer for the escape of the creature. Meanwhile, Lucy Lacemaker remains as twisted as ever. Written, Directed and Animated by: Sam Fennah Filmography: Nick Malloy CAST Lucy Lacemaker - Chloe Tucker Ludwig - Duane Joseph Olson Helgan - Jessica Lamb Quinn - Nic Salenc Fleischer - Angela Alice Simpson Shuck - Duane Joseph Olson Wexle - Kitty Got Claws Fontaine - Duane Joseph Olson .
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