OTYKEN - STORM (Official Music Video)

#otyken #indigenous #native Listen to the new song OTYKEN - STORM on all digital platforms: - Spotify: - Apple Music: and others… The music video was filmed in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the Chulym River. 30 km from the village of Pasechnoye (the capital of the Chulyms). This is the birthplace of the members of the OTYKEN group. Chulyms are the smallest indigenous peoples of Siberia. According to one version, the Chulyms are the ancestors of the Japanese Ainu and the indigenous peoples of North America. According to another version, the Chulyms are an ancient Turkic tribe. The song OTYKEN - STORM talks about the difficulties that people face while traveling to the East. The music of the OTYKEN group is dedicated to giving kindness and warm light to all people on the Earth! The magical power of our music will heal your soul and your body as well, and it can even send you into trance. Thanks to all the caring people who sent us donations for the filming of the music video OTYKEN – STORM. We tried very hard and gave it our all! Members of the music video OTYKEN – STORM: Producer, songwriter - Andrey Medonos Sound - Dmitry Kruzhkovsky Vocal – Azyan Drums – Hakkaida Vargan (Jaw harp) – Tsveta Throat Singing (Synthesizer) – Ach Ikili (Morinhur) - Kunсhari Maracas (deer antlers) – Kykakacha Khomys (string instrument) – Otamay Shaman recitative – Sandro Our products: OTYKEN concert schedule: TikTok OTYKEN: @otyken Instagram OTYKEN: Instagram Andrey’s: Instagram Ethno - Honey: FB group: Twitter: ВК Музей Мёда и Этнографии: ВК группы OTYKEN: \ Thanks guys! You helped us a lot! Video production: Krasnoyarsk city, Russia Siberian folk OTYKEN band. Concert organization: @
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