5 Cutting Kitchen Gadgets Tested by Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

Design and usability guru Dan Formosa returns to evaluate and improve upon 5 gadgets designed to cut through any obstacle in the kitchen. From a contraption meant to help kids to a specialty potato maker, watch as he puts each device through the gauntlet commenting on what works, what doesn’t, and what he’d do to improve their design. Check out the products Dan reviews in this episode: Hot Dog Holder and Slicer: Vasta 2-in-1 Vegetable & Fruit Sheet & Noodle Slicer: Moving Blade Mandoline: Slice Right Melon Slicer: Hasselback Cutter: When you buy something from our links, we earn a commission. -- Director: Chris Principe  Editors: Shandor Garrison, Andy Morell Director of Photography: Kevin Dynia Producer: Frank Cosgriff, Ness Kleino Assistant Producer: Michael Cascio Culinary Producer: Denise Ginley Culinar
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