Winter Lake Painting / Acrylic Painting / STEP by STEP

Today, I painted a view of the winter lake. Beginners can draw along easily. Follow me step by step. Please subscribe and like. Thank you~~ 오늘은 겨울호수 풍경을 그려보았어요. 초보자 분들도 쉽게 따라 그릴수 있어요. 차근차근 따라그려보세요. 구독과 좋아요 꼭 부탁드려요. 감사합니다~~ Colors listed on the screen -Acrylic painting -Canvas 25cm*25cm / 28cm*23cm BGM uses the YouTube library ----------------------------------------------------- Email : hnbr0302@ #AcrylicPainting #dailypainting #Landscapepainting
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