[Playlist] Isaac Chambers, Swan Hil, Ryan Herr - “Moments“ Full Album

Isaac Chambers, Swan Hil, Ryan Herr - “Moments“ Full Album 00:00 Moments - Isaac Chambers, Swan Hil, Ryan Herr 04:04 Around we go (feat. Autumn Skye) - Isaac Chambers, Autumn Skye 08:10 Water & Gold - Isaac Chambers, Swan Hil, Ryan Herr, RA-BE 333, SaQi, Autumn Skye, Shaman’s Dream, Daniel Lesser 13:26 White Roses - Isaac Chambers, Swan Hil, Ryan Herr 17:51 Vision - Isaac Chambers, Ryan Herr [Artist Information] Isaac Chambers is a producer & multi-instrumentalist from (Aotearoa) New Zealand. Combining perceptive content with all things playful, fruity, and Phat, Isaac creates music that is both unique and refreshing. Fusing sexy electronic goodness with instrumental lushness, Isaac is known for his infectious enthusiasm, polished production, and ability to always get a dance floor positively grooving. Isaac’s musical projects cover a diverse and dynamic range of genres, while always showing telltale signs of his unique and recognizable sound. From earthy Hip hop, Downbeat, Reggae, and World music grooves through to full power Progressive Trance, Techno, and House, Isaac seamlessly glues them together with his trademark production style. The last few years have been busy for Isaac with the release of multiple full-length albums, plus Six E.P’s and over ten singles on local & international labels. Keep your ears peeled for more fresh releases in 2023 💌 음원 유통 및 기타 문의 : korea@ 🔔 아티스트의 음원을 전 세계 뮤직 플랫폼으로 유통합니다. ©Copyright 2007 - 2023 RouteNote Ltd.
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