❝we are❞ | MEP [HBD TO ME]

❝into the bottle of jack we die inside❞ ’s the day i’m turning sixteen,guys xD So yeah,today’s my birthday and i’m VERY HAPPY TO SEE THIS MEP IN TIME, i’m even more happy to see that this MEP is pure perfection!Thank you all guys for taking part in it,you all did just an INDESCRIBABLE thanks to reminity for being a quick backup! :3 › p a r t s ‹ 1;themetamorphosis // assassin’s creed syndicate 2;NiceSinner // the last of us 3;golden hour // uncharted 4;reminity // the witcher 3 5;minimalismetic // the evil within 2 6;criticaldrive // final fantasy XIII › i n f o ‹ song | coloring | xMysticFlame
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