Do THIS with your turkey leftovers | Tamales Recipe EASY #cooking

With the holiday season in full swing and the grocery stores having turkeys, maybe buy an extra. I love to make turkey tamales! You can also take leftover turkey and do this. Welcome to Simply Mamá Cooks YouTube Channel! I am a Mom to a blended Korean / Mexican American family that loves to share what I cook in my home. I am still learning and enjoying the process of making home-cooked food. #simplymamacooks 🔴My COOKBOOK 🔴 Available online at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart You can also order on Amazon for the book & E-book **FOLLOW ME* TIKTOK 👉🏼 INSTAGRAM 👉🏼 FACEBOOK 👉🏼 ________________________________ ⭐️ CHECK OUT THESE RECIPES INGREDIENTS 4 1/2 to 5 cups (1 L to 1.2 L ) broth or water 2 1/2 lbs ( kg) shredded or chopped cooked turkey meat 1/2 small onion 3 to 4 cloves of garlic 8 dried guajillo chiles (stems and seeds removed) 2 dried Pasilla chiles (stems and seeds removed) 2 dried ancho chiles (stems and seeds removed) 2 cloves garlic 4 cups (475 g) instant corn flour (I used Maseca brand) 2 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 1/4 cup (250 g) lard or shortening salt to taste 2 Tbsp oil (to simmer puree) 50 corn husks 16-quart steamer pot TURKEY 10 lbs Turkey (completely thawed) 1 Tbsp seasoning salt 2 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp onion powder 2 tsp lemon pepper 2 to 3 cups water or chicken broth to the bottom of the pan MUSIC Courtesy of How To Make the best tamales EASY Easy Tamales recipe
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