📕📙 Mini Medieval Manuscripts (Part 1) - DIY Basic Book Making / Bookbinding - with FREE printables!

Everyone loves miniatures... especially books... they help us escape to a tiny, magical world! Mini books are just as captivating as real ones... they promise secrets and magic as we open their covers and turn their tiny pages. Medieval volumes possess an even greater charm, as they hark back to an ancient time 💗📙 My tiny Medieval books are completely functional... they have rounded spines, antique covers & end papers, double sided illuminated pages and gilded edges! In this DIY video tutorial with FREE printables, I show the steps of basic bookbinding / bookmaking. This is Part 1 of 3 of how to create miniature Medieval books / manuscripts (in 1:12 scale). Medieval miniature books / DIY mini books / How to make miniature books Video Timestamps ⌚ 0:58 Printing instructions for free printables 2:07 Cut printables with a paper trimmer 4:07 Create book cover fold lines and rounded spine 5:42 Make Medieval text blocks 7:05
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