Organic House Mix Skazka #2 2024

Organic House Mix #2 Skazka by Carey Q Subscribe! This way you’ll help promote the channel, which means more mixes with cool music. Thank you! Special thanks to those who listened to the mix in its entirety! Mix Skazka: a ball of different threads has been formed. Take hold of the thread and plunge into the world of magic and genies, into the world of miracles and wishes. Be a character in my fairy tale, just for a little while. Tracklist: 00:00 Nebula (AR) - The Last of Us [TRYBESof] 08:10 Serious Dancers - Sabase Pahale (Ilias Katelanos & Plecta Remix) [Univack] 14:40 Gol’man - Skazka (Ranta Extended Remix) [SkyTop] 20:50 Lucas Zárate - Rivian [Flug Lab] 26:40 Ventt & Keparys - Secret of the Nile (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Remix) [Amulanga] 32:50 Krissky - Coming Back (Pedro Capelossi Remix) [Loot Recordings] 38:40 Talemates - Gandalf & Hobbits (Amonita Remix) [Rubicunda] 45:40 Monojoke - Fireflies (Mass Digital Club Mix) [For Senses Records] 50:10 Rialians on Earth & Cafe De Anatolia - Baba Gjurgja [Cafe De Anatolia] 56:40 Nicolas Viana - Monsters (Extended Mix) [Melody Of the Soul] Shots from video by Videographer Shiyaz, Mo Eid , Amos, Anna Bondarenko, Luke Webb, Mike Tyurin, Asad Photo Maldives ,Mehmet Kılınç.
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