Recreating Iconic Scene from Back To The Future 3 – Realistic Scenery

Go to to get a 2-year plan plus free threat protection and a huge discount. Try it risk free by taking advantage of NordVPNs 30 day money back guarantee! I’ve always wanted to recreate this movie scene from back to the future 3, it’s such an iconic movie and who doesn’t like seeing an empty train flying off the end of a partially completed bridge! I was a little bit nervous sending the $400 locomotive off the end of the bridge, it was quite a spectacular train crash... about as good as it gets for HO scale anyway 😄 But don’t worry, the train survived with minimal damage, I had a soft towel below the bridge and I caught it in my hands before it hit the ground. The only damage was the 3D printed cow catcher which was easily enough glued back in place. This diorama is built in HO scale and for such a small scene the model is actually quite large, it measures long by 40cm wide which is on the larger end of the various dioramas I’ve built
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