Boccherini: String Quintets, Vol. VII

The set of six quintets on this release were published as his opus 27 in Madrid in 1779, and are representative of Boccherini at the peak of his powers – urbane, witty, perfectly crafted, graceful and suave. The listener will easily hear why he was nicknamed ‘Mrs Haydn’ by the violinist Giuseppe Puppo – his music was considered more gentle and feminine than Haydn’s. This is Volume 7 of the complete cycle of Boccherini Quintets by La Magnifica Comunità for Brilliant Classics. La Magnifica Comunità was founded in 1990, and performs a wide range of repertoire from the baroque and classical periods from sonatas to symphonies and choral works, all on period instruments. Composer: Luigi Boccherini Artists: La Magnifica Comunita, Enrico Casazza violin and concert master 🎵 Purchase or streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music): 💎 More Information: 🎬🎮 These tracks are available for sync licensing in videos, films, tv-shows, games, advertising and more. For more information and to request a license go to: Luigi Boccherini (1743–1805) was an exact contemporary of Josef Haydn, and knew his Austrian colleague well. He also knew the younger Mozart. Although Haydn is credited with developing the String Quartet (Boccherini was himself no slouch when it came to composing quartets), and Mozart likewise with the Quintet, it is Boccherini who can lay claim to establishing the string quintet as a major chamber music form. It is his works that influenced the masterpieces by Mozart, the solitary work by Beethoven, and most importantly, the towering example by Schubert. As a cellist, Boccherini ensured that the cello had a prominent role in the quintets (the cadenza in the trio of no.4), and especially in the almost vocal, song like writing of the slow movements. Tracklist: Luigi Boccherini 00:00:00 Quintetto I in A Major, G. 301: Andante con un poco di moto 00:08:33 Quintetto I in A Major, G. 301: Allegro con moto 00:11:50 Quintetto II in G Major, G. 302: Allegro 00:17:20 Quintetto II in G Major, G. 302: Minuetto, Trio 00:22:15 Quintetto III in E Minor, G. 303: Moderato assai 00:29:16 Quintetto III in E Minor, G. 303: Minuetto, Trio 00:34:25 Quintetto IV in Eb Major, G. 304: Sostenuto 00:43:08 Quintetto IV in Eb Major, G. 304: Minuetto, Trio 00:47:10 Quintetto V in G Minor, G. 305: Moderato 00:52:17 Quintetto V in G Minor, G. 305: Minuetto, Trio 00:56:50 Quintetto VI in B Minor, G. 306: Allegro moderato 01:03:49 Quintetto VI in B Minor, G. 306: Minuetto, Trio 👉 Social media links: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Spotify Playlists: Brilliant Classics Spotify: New Classical Releases: The Best of Liszt: The Best of Bach: Most Popular Piano Music: Beautiful Classical Music: Classical Music For Dinnertime: Thank you for watching this video by Brilliant Classics, we hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to share it and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And visit our channel for more of the greatest composers. We upload daily with complete albums and compilations with the best classical music. #stringquintets #Boccherini #Sonatas #Violin #BC #Sonata #Organ #ClassicalMusic #Baroque #BrilliantClassics #lamagnificacomunita
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