Apocalypse in Italy! Destructive winds and hail hit province of Lecce, Parabita!

Hi friends! Here you will see only the latest news about the climate and cataclysms that occur in the world. In order not to miss our releases, subscribe to Telegram channel: Bad weather especially affects the northern outskirts of the city of Reggio di Calabria and, in particular, the cities of Catona, Gallico and Arca, as well as inconveniences in the municipality of Scilla. In Scylla, a huge river of mud spilled onto the beach of the marina, causing various damages to houses, businesses, numerous cars, which were dragged for several meters, and bathhouses. The landscape is ghostly. The flooding of the Livorno valley due to the rain brought mud with it, and then poured everything that came in its way onto the embankment. Great material damage was caused, especially at the level of shops, which until yesterday hosted tourists for events that enliven the seaside town in the summer. Major damage is reported, including investments inside houses. Fi
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