DOOM Eternal OST Remix

No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners. Composed and mixed by Mick Gordon Mixed by Chad Mossholder Arranged by me Special thanks to ID Software and Bethesda for making this amazing game and to Joey () for creating the amazing visuals of this video. This is a pet project of mine. I was annoyed by the track listing of the official version which put the songs in random order and I was also annoyed by the mixing of some of the tracks (Super Gore Nest being the biggest offender). I set to do something about it, reordering the tracks to tell the game’s story in musical form (as was the case with DOOM 2016’s OST), smoothing out the transitions and even re-mixing some tracks completely (examples include Super Gore Nest or Armored Response Coalition), re-doing the stitches and cutting out ballast. Hopefully, my changes met my goal to improve the pacing and make a more dynamic, logical and pleasant experien
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