Shuffle Dance ♫ Everybody Dance Now - KaktuZ RemiX (Edit by SN Studio) ♫

♫ Everybody Dance Now - KaktuZ RemiX (Edit by SN Studio) ♫ Shuffle Dance Video Original by C C Music Factory Яндекс Дзен Dancers: Lauren Gottlieb Miranda Derrick Vanesa Seco Tori Nishino Sterling Torres Enola Bedard Alexandra Watkins CiCi Marktore Guerrero Jah Kendra “K.O” Willis Montana Tucker Anagum Casey Marie Gaby Valdes Justin Corbo Valerie ARIUS Melanie Wilking Adrian Campos Raelyn and others Eurodance is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s in Europe. It combines many elements of hip hop, techno, Hi-NRG, house music, and Euro disco. This genre of music is heavily influenced by the use of rich melodic vocals, sometimes with rapped verses. This, combined with cutting-edge synthesizers, strong bass rhythm and melodic hooks, establishes the core foundation of Eurodance music. The channel is created for the publication of remixes an
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