T U B S 陈情少年 - Still The One | Official MV

“Still The One“ is a full English track from ’ debut album ’LOVE:ONE-ACT’. Infused with cheerful and positive vibes, this is the go-to track for your Summer playlist. As the boys have always been living apart in different cities, they are finally leaving all the hustle and bustle behind and enjoying themselves for a getaway. Come join their road trip and let the good times roll! 《Still The One》是由的四位成员于斌、曹煜辰、纪李、李泊文共同演唱的一首全英文单曲。少年们用这首歌诠释着关于友情中相信的力量。“You are still the one who makes me believe,that true love is not just a fantasy——只有唯一
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