Confession of a samurai (Russian-Japanese movie)

Russian-Japanese movie (thriller, drama) with English subtitles. If the subtitles don’t appear, click on the button ’subtitles’ beneath the YouTube screen on the right side. An Orthodox priest, Father Nikolay (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), the brother of a Yakuza boss, is drawn into in a mob war in Japan. He escapes to the small Russian village of Glubokoe, where he finds that war has found him again. (more information on: If you enjoyed watching this movie, please consider to click on ’like’. It increases the popularity of this movie and consequently many more people will find it on YouTube. The translation of the typed Russian sentences at the end of the movie:“In 1861 Iván Kasátkin brought Orthodoxy (Orthodox Christianity) into Japan. Later he was canonized as the holy equal-to-the apostles Nikoláy (Nikolas) of Japan. Today there are more than 36 000 Orthodox parishioners in Japan“. #Cary_Hiroyuki_Tagawa #Orthodox
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