Connection with Kievan Rus

The Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev , Yaroslav Vladimirovich the Wise was the most prominent Russian rulers. He is also known for his daughters, who were destined to become the queens: they married kings and ascended to the thrones of different European countries, as Hungary, Norway and France. The names of the princesses Anastasiya were Elizabeth and Anna. However, there was another daughter, Agafia of Kiev, the forgotten daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, who did not become Queen of England, but became the foremother of the kings of Scotland. link to the video : Kings and Queens of England before the Normans. Короли и Королевы Англии до Норманов. ”O joy of the Swedish people, thou didst gladden the Russian realm, filling it with grace and purity, adorning its throne with majesty, lustrous in piety like a priceless gem set in a splendid royal crown.” Yaroslav I, Grand Prince of Rus’, known as Yaroslav the Wise was Grand Prince of No
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