Still Loving You - Steve’n’Seagulls

The early ancestors of Seagulls’ bloodline lived in the times of guitar slingers and accordion swingers. When trains were trains and horses rode on the plains. This video is our homage to those times. As well as this Steve’n’Seagulls version of Still loving you is our salute to the great Scorpions! FB: ​ Twitter: ​ Merch ​ Directed by Jukka Vidgren Screenplay Jukka Vidgren & Seagulls Cinematography Jussi Finnilä, Petteri Stavén Gaffer Kimmo Jalkanen Costume design: Frans & Iida Silvennoinen Costumers Lassi Räsänen, Jenni Sarkkinen, Minna Tiihonen, Riina Matikka Editing Jukka Vidgren VFX Petteri Stavén, Juuso Laatio Color grading by Jussi Finnilä Produced by Mutant Koala Pictures Special thanks to -Artistiasu -Petri “Power&q
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