Guns N’ Roses - You Could Be Mine (Official Video HD)

Release date: July 1991 Album: Use Your Illusion II, track 12 With an original 4:3 aspect ratio that includes every detail, with the best possible sound and image quality. uncut, full length, so along with the outro, which many other uploads have unfortunately missed. Song: Axl Rose – lead vocals Slash – lead guitar, rhythm guitar Izzy Stradlin – rhythm guitar, backing vocals Duff McKagan – bass, backing vocals Matt Sorum – drums Video: “The music video for the song was directed by Andy Morahan, Stan Winston and Jeffrey Abelson. A T-800 Terminator is assembled, given the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and dispatched to assassinate the band at one of their concerts. The video consists of clips from the movie, including its teaser trailer, intercut with footage of the band performing the song as the T-800 makes his way to the front of the crowd. After the song ends, he confronts the band as they leave the venue through a back door and analyzes each member individually; Izzy Stradlin is absent at this point, replaced by keyboardist Dizzy Reed. The T-800 scans W. Axl Rose last and concludes that killing the band would be a “Waste of Ammo“. Lowering his shotgun, he gives Rose a brief smirk and walks away. As the video features clips from the movie, it could not be put on the DVD Welcome to the Videos due to licensing issues. The video was also not included on any of the DVD releases of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, although it was included with a special double tape edition of the film, released on VHS in 1993.“ (wikipedia) Directors: Jeffrey Abelson, Andrew Morahan, Stan Winston Writers: Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin Cast: Edward Furlong - John Connor (archive footage) Linda Hamilton - Sarah Connor (archive footage) Duff McKagan - himself Robert Patrick - T-1000 (archive footage) Axl Rose - himself Arnold Schwarzenegger - T-800 Slash - himself Matt Sorum - himself Izzy Stradlin - himself This channel and I do not claim any right over any of the graphics, images, songs used in this video. All rights reserved to the respective copyright owners.
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