Part 2: Things Loren Can’t Do After The Accident!

Loren’s back to show you the things he needs a little help doing! Plus, a special surprise we think you’ll love! Merch HERE: Don’t forget to give Loren a follow on Twitch! // Loren’s Game Tags: CLASH OF CLANS // Clan: Ace Nation ... Game Tag: iAce CLASH ROYALE // Clan: packers ... Game Tag: iAce CSR2 // Clan: Dark Riders ... Game Tag: Humblerrug1 PC Gaming // iAceNation Socials: sabia’s instagram // loren’s instagram // Hope you’re all staying safe as well and taking necessary precautions around those more susceptible to the virus. Thank you guys for all the immense support and love! We’re more appreciative than you know! PO BOX// Sabi
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