1 click = 9999 Attacks [I’ve never seen something like this before in Ability draft]

Muerta skill [GUNSLINGER] is fun in Ability draft. Just pick MARKSMANSHIP and get agh’s early and witness this imbalanced combo. 1 click = 9999 attacks. Infinite MARKSMANSHIP GUNSLINGER procs. I’ve never seen something like this before! Submit your clip / Manda tu video: ● Dotabuff link: Submitted by: Auroth #DOTA2 #AbilityDraft #Xmark Hey guys, X-Mark here. The whole channel idea is to show you some good and sick ability draft builds and games. That’s it. I just like to share with you something i found interesting and funny to play. I’m not that funny or creative. I love Ability Draft and want it to live long and stay cool.
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