Direction Detection – TouchDesigner + Kinect Tutorial 2

In this TouchDesigner tutorial we look at how to detect the direction a person is walking and create a small system of files and noise which correspond with that movement. I’m using the Kinect v2 but this should work with any other Kinect as well. You can’t see me walking, so just try yourself! ----- 00:00 Intro / Overview 01:18 Input and Setup 02:58 Noise Movement 04:39 Image Switch 10:18 Additional Stuff 11:17 Outro ----- Files, exclusive content and more: Special thanks to: Daniel Garcia, Sylvain Després, Shahan Butt, swirledBridger, Nix Campbell, Rob, Paola, Teruhisa, Simón Jaramillo Vallejo, Jeppe Vinum, Danny, guojian, hans mortelmans, Yeah, Llyod Marsden, Acid JOhnny, Anti Alias, martn kern, connor carnes, Lora Shopova, Christian Bagass, 岳夫 宇田川, Kelsie Hoffman, david robert, Jarren Lau, Roberto Mucchiut, Greg, David Salaun, tassso treis, Digital FUN, Brian Smith, Nic Goodrich, zufallsgeneriert_, Jay Wrkr, Daniel Clarke, sacha safretti, Péron Yann, cyyy, Lotto
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