The Initiates Guide to Luciferianism The Key to Utilizing the Books of Michael W. Ford

In this video, we’re going to discuss the initiation process into Luciferianism, the key to utilizing the books of Michael W. Ford. Where do I start? What books should I read first? In what order do you suggest, or can I listen to my intuition? These questions are answered here. Luciferianism is a spiritual path that can guide you into the potential of Left-Hand Path initiation, applying the philosophy and early steps of Luciferian Magickal practice. The books (each a grimoire – an instructional tome of magickal gnosis) of Michael W. Ford are essential for anyone who may seek authentic knowledge and guidance as a potential Luciferian. If you’re interested in learning more about Luciferianism, then this video is for you! You may purchase copies of Michael W. Ford’s books at the Luciferian Apotheca : Michael’s Facebook page: Instagram: Akhtya Dark Ritualistic Ambient Music: They are also available in other retail places as well. Michael W. Ford’s books have been translated and published in countries such as Italy, Peru, Brazil, France, Spain (forthcoming), Serbia, Germany, and other publications are scheduled. #luciferianism #lucifer #blackmagic #satanism #satan #satanic #lefthandpath #occult #fallenangel #samael #thelema #esoteric #luciferian
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