DEATHBRINGER - Inevitability (IT’s Whip) - Official Video

Artist: Deathbringer Song:  Inevitability BUY/STREAM - _____________________________________________ Album:  IT Release Date: July 15th 2022 Label: Unique Leader Records Genre: Death Metal Band shooting - Marcin Halerz () Directed by Grupa 13 () ____________________________________________ LYRICS Glass is breaking Shards of your fragile world Star is falling Burning the flesh with cold Whip is cracking Entwining the oblate sphere Man is dying Strangled with fear IT always was  forever IT will be So kiss the hand that rose to strike For it will bring salvation to your weary soul. Your God Your shame. Behold Him laying His hand on your shoulder Forgiving all your sins and faults In the name of IT Don’t run - Don’t hide Your shelter  another tomb Don’t beg - Don’t fight Lay down in the cradle of oblivion Submit - No pride The universe you knew is no more It’s your destination Become one with Absolute None Live berating All that you won’t comprehend Al
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