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▶ Elevate your playing, spark your creativity - With @ManuDelago As a musician and composer, Manu Delago has been deeply influenced by the unique tones and rhythms of the handpan. With this masterclass hosted by MasterTheHandpan, he invites enthusiasts on a voyage into his musical world, a journey steeped in creativity and the handpan’s endless possibilities. This masterclass offers a behind-the-scenes look into Delago’s creative process, guiding participants through the art of composing and breathing life into music. Together with Manu Delago, handpan players will dive into the anatomy of his favorite pieces, breaking them down to understand their essence, before building them back up. This isn’t just about learning to play the handpan; it’s about understanding its role and the extraordinary ways it can be utilized. If students are fellow handpan players or simply admirers of musical creativity, there’s a rhythm that awaits them, a melody that yearns to be heard. Manu Delago is eager to explore the world of handpan with everyone who joins this masterclass. _________________________ ▶ ABOUT MASTERTHEHANDPAN : is an online handpan school, fast becoming the benchmark for learning the handpan, with 14 000 of students of all levels. ▶ Website : ► Blog : ► Instagram : ▶ Facebook : #handpan #lesson #tutorial #masterclass #course
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