A Rainy Day 🌧 [ Lofi Hip Hop Beats To Relax/Study] 📚

there’s nothing better than a rainy summer day when there’s nothing to do. thank you for watching! please like, sub, and comment what you want to hear next. hit the bell for weekly uploads 🔔 what is coffee and cigarettes? coffee and cigarettes is a community channel where artists are encouraged to express themselves through music. although primarily focusing on lofi hip-hop, we are welcoming of many different types of music. we may be at the starting stages at the moment, however if you would like you may submit your music by sending it to our email, @. 0:00 532pm - the deli 2:12 emu - in luv 4:55 hm surf - coping with the heat 6:25 doujinshi (meltycanon) - thankful 9:14 hm surf - 6am 10:56 brillion x monma x tom doolie - aurora 13:44 garçon for - coffee and cigarettes ;) 15:31 Matt hong - ice cream at the konbini (ft Sarah Hemi) 18:51 a sailors dream 22:21 can’t wait 24:13 tbh I lost
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