Hellroaring Mountain DLC Map Released!

We’re delighted to announce this game update, , released 11 April 2024, for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition! NEW: HELLROARING MOUNTAIN DLC MAP Hellroaring Mountain rises above the Yellowstone River in north-central Yellowstone, several kilometers west of Slough Creek. The largest granite mountain in the park, Hellroaring overlooks the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone and, further south, the rolling hills leading up to the Blacktail Deer Plateau. This DLC is available for purchase for $US10. In the game, start a new game, select Hellroaring Mountain Preview, and click the Purchase button (or the Preview button to load the map for a 10 minute test session). Features: * 8x8 kilometer map (almost 30% larger than the other WQ:AE Yellowstone maps). * Most of the map is within Yellowstone National Park, where wolves are protected, but the map extends about a kilometer north of the park boundary into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. * The full arc of quests, from learning to hunt through raising pups. (That currently brings you to Endless Summer, but once the Saga is completed, it will be available here as well as in other maps.) * Wolverines. These feisty competitors are mainly found in the high country north of the Yellowstone River. They will put up a fierce fight over carcasses. * All the animals found in other Yellowstone maps, except beavers. (They don’t live in this area, not enough slow creeks.) * Fifteen new achievements. * Over 30 new dreams featuring Hellroaring animals and landmarks, IMPROVEMENTS: * Elk Hunt: Adjusted elk speed logic so it’s easier to catch up to the herd and stay with the herd without excessive sprinting. * Elk Hunt: Adjusted damage dealt by elk to wolves -- it’s now higher when elk have high stamina and gradually drops as those drop. (This was already occuring, but now the min and max effects are much greater. The goal is to reward patience, chasing the herd to tire them out, and to identify the weaker elk -- the latter has been too quick and easy to do.) * Elk Hunt: Reduced odds of stumbling on most elk (but greatly increased them for bull and spike elks, the odds were extremely low for them.) * Multiplayer: Reduced rival wolf multiplier during den raids a bit, when there are only two players in the game. * Modest reduction in size of rival wolf raiding partly in multiplayer, based on number of players in the game. * On all maps, moved rival pack homesites so hexes can be claimed, and NPC wolves should usually not be beyond world borders. (Only applies to new games). * Increased minimum number of dispersal groups on each map. * Reduced maximum health penalty a bit for elk in April and May. * Revised some code for toggling den scent glow in different seasons (should not have any visible effect). * Cougar: Increased movement speed during charge attack. BUGS FIXED: * Fix some packs missing homesite on upgrade save to pp * Persistent packs: Disbanding packs sometimes are not instantly removed when jumping ahead to next year. * Dispersal wolves move back and forth between hexes to much. * Summer pup can carry grizzly bear skull, though it’s awfully big for them. * Lost River: Dispersals still getting into ranch area. * Pups will circle predators at too long of a distance. * Cougar charge attack has an indefinite duration. * Idle music plays for a second when doing emotes while moving. * Some cougar vocalizations are too quiet. * HUD becomes visible after screenshot when HUD is hidden by dreams. * File sync misses info when game starts with sync disabled. * World Map locator maps don’t update when moving to another map. * Chat panel disappears when HUD is hidden. See all patch notes at:
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