SNOW RAVEN (OLOX) feat. ANDREAS OM, Gennady Papizh, Jivan Gasparyan, Jivan GasparyanJR. CRYING EARTH

For private one-on-one ONLINE LESSONS: - with SNOW RAVEN (sound healings, mouth harp/jaw harp playing techniques, inner voice awakening, sakha singing techniques, arctic beatbox and birds and animal mimics); please send your request to oloxbooking@ Sometimes it seems that the spirits of ancient ancestors want to reach out to us and warn people about impending cataclysms, the perpetrators of which are the people themselves. In these messages there is a call to people to come to their senses and stretch out each other’s hands to unite for the sake of saving our Mother Earth and the whole Life. SNOW RAVEN’s Presentation: Website: Spotify: Apple: IG: YT:
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