National Treasure Edge of History Interview: Meet Zuri Reed

Imagine growing up a huge Disney Channel fan and then scoring a starring role on a highly anticipated Disney series. That’s exactly what happened for Zuri Reed with National Treasure: Edge of History. In the sequel series to the National Treasure films starring Nicolas Cage, we meet a new lead character, Jess Valenzuela played by Lisette Olivera. Jess loves a good mystery and has a knack for solving puzzles, so when she finds herself in the midst of a treasure hunt that could have ties to her late father, she absolutely has to see it through. But, she can’t do it alone and that’s where Reed’s character, Tasha, comes in. Tasha is Jess’ best friend and roommate, and also happens to be a tech whiz, making her an invaluable member of the team going on this wild adventure. With National Treasure: The Edge of History three episodes into its 10-episode run, with Episode 4 scheduled to hit Disney on December 28th, Reed took the time to join me for a Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party conversation to expl
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