I Tried MMA For 30 Days And Had A FIGHT

I practice MMA for 30 days to survive the octagon! Karate is used by UFC fighters like Stephen Wonderboy and Lyoto Machida. Can I use it too? I got help from my brother Oliver Enkamp to defend takedowns and grappling. The result will surprise you. Watch the full fight analysis and commentary at the end. 0:00 Introduction: Why I’m Fighting in MMA 0:50 Week 1: Learning Takedown Defense 1:39 Week 2: Training Grappling & Wrestling 2:21 Week 3: Sparring Against MMA Athletes 3:00 Week 4: Active Recovery & Weight Cut 3:17 Fight Night: My Inner Dialogue 4:12 Post-Fight Analysis With Oliver Enkamp 15:46 Most Important Lesson Learned ☯️ BIO: Jesse Enkamp The Karate Nerd™ is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, National Team Athlete, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Carrot Cake Lover & Founder of Seishin International - The World’s Leading Karate Lifestyle Brand. 🎥 WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS ⇩
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