Navras - Juno Reactor - BLISS Remix - Psytrance

Navras BLISS Remix - Psytrance Buy: Mix & Master by Yaron @ MindSpin Studio As the Matrix franchise reawakens, Juno Reactor presents three stunning remixes from the Matrix’, “Navras“, a track commissioned by the Wachowski’s, to sum up the Trilogy. A classic Juno Reactor work, reinterpreted by three unique artists of today. Released on Blue Room Sounds, a label that first released JR back in 1995. BLiSS rides the storm. Elaborating, developing a leviathan of a track. Bliss isn’t content to punch his card, he’s dug deep into his world of constant change, enforcing a dynamic mentality and enriching what was already there with floor dropping power, Stunning. Reaky Reakson’s thundering dark techno grabs your neck and throws you into a supercharged arena, brutal, delivering the defining sounds of JR perfectly. A transformation, a calm, System of the Abyss. A neo-classical wind-down, elegantly gliding us up into the light
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