Music for Yule & Winter Atmospheres | Pagan Folk/Traditional/Winter Synth

Volume 2 is finally here! Winter sounds and atmospheres are the backdrop to the mainly pagan folk playlist. There will be the cozy sights and sounds of snow falling in a forest, winter wind blowing through the trees, a cold stream flowing through a snowy path and many more! Winter is HERE! 🌲 Winter awakens. The snow falls. The North Wind howls. The longest night approaches as we gather around the hearth, in hopes Brighid will warm our souls and lead us from the darkness. The Sun returns. The days grow longer. We rejoice. We celebrate. 🌲 tip jar:) help keep the videos coming! I love doing this but it takes a lot of time. 🌲 SUBSCRIBE for similar videos! 🌲 INSTAGRAM Follow me for music and nature posts 🌲 This video is just 1 of 8 of my Wheel of the Year music compilations. Playlist here: 🌲 SPOTIFY 🌲 !Please support these great artists! KIVA Mediæval Bæbes Tom Morely Damh The Bard Jaiya Loreena McKennitt Narsilion Arcana Adgarios Whoredom Rife Emissary :Of The Wand & The Moon: The Baltimore Consort Jessica Radcliffe/Martin Simpson/Lisa Ekström Michele Mclaughlin Lisa Thiel Trobar de Morte Malfet Jeremy Soule Fiona J. Mackenzie Guild Of Lore Sowulo Nytt Land Lord Wind Nebelung Hagalaz’ Runedance Vinterriket Mree Myrkur 0:00 KIVA- Winter Solstice Sunrise 2:10 Mediæval Bæbes- Wynter Wakeneth 5:46 Tom Morely- Cold Frosty Morning 10:06 Damh The Bard- The Winter King 14:41 Jaiya- Bring Us In Good Ale 17:48 Loreena McKennitt- Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle 20:53 Narsilion- Winter Elven Dreams 24:53 Arcana- Song Of The Dead Sun 28:20 Adgarios- Alban Arthan 32:23 Whoredom Rife- Vinternatt 36:40 :Of The Wand & The Moon:- Winter Solstice 39:57 The Baltimore Consort- Drive The Cold Winter Away 43:18 Jessica Radcliffe/Martin Simpson/Lisa Ekström- Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance, In Winters Shadow 46:34 Damh The Bard- On Midwinter’s Day 51:20 The Baltimore Consort- Ding Don Merrily 53:05 Michele Mclaughlin- Winter Solstice 56:50 Lisa Thiel- Yule 1:02:22 Trobar de Morte- Yule: The End of the Darkness 1:06:07 Malfet- Winter’s Journey 1:11:20 Jeremy Soule- A Winter’s Tale 1:14:44 Fiona J. Mackenzie- Bha Buachlaillean An Duthaich Shear 1:17:51 Guild Of Lore- Solstice Slumber 1:21:35 Sowulo- Yule 1:27:23 Nytt Land- Norður/Yule Song 1:33:13 Lord Wind- Oj, moroz moroz 1:38:25 Nebelung- Mittwinter 1:44:22 Hagalaz’ Runedance- Das Fest Der Wintersonne (Ein Weihnachtslieo) 1:47:59 Jeremy Soule- Secunda 1:49:53 Vinterriket- In Den Unendlichen Weiten Der Weiben Trostlosigkeit 1:53:17 Mree- The Evergreen 1:56:32 Myrkur- Vinter --Credits-- “WinterSolsticeNight“ by daveincamas on “winds and light snow in a forest“ by jgrzinich on “winter afternoon birds“ by kyster on “Hot Drink and Snack on a Ledge” by Videvo on Videvo “Snow Close-Up” by mattia on StockSnap_WFJGML9FIJ by ISO Republic licensed under CCO “Castel Gardena” by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash “Snowed In” by Michael Niessl on Unsplash “Winter Solstice at Stonehenge” by Historic England Archive “Heavy Snow In The Woods“ by bk-vids is licensed under CCBY “Transparent Smoke” on Videezy *This is a non-monetized video on a non-monetized channel* *No infringement of copyright is intended by the use of these songs, sounds or video clips as they are intended as an homage to the original creators* *Any inquiries, requests, copyrights disclaimers can contact the channel at thesylvanwanderer@
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