Psychiatrist Carl Jung is noted for saying: “What you resist, persists.“ We all have the power of choice in life. We can resist what we don’t like in the hope that it will go away. Or we can accept things the way they are and make space for something new and different to transpire, simply by being in the flow of who we are and what is happening around us. And when we surrender to what is, we allow the true beauty of life to unfold. This magical space is where joy lives, and where gratitude can be found. Life is precious when we align with the magic in surrender. Filmed at Groot Marico, South Africa. Featuring Egbert van Bart. All of our films are made possible through the generous support of our patrons. To be part of this journey : If you’d prefer to make once off contribution, our PayPal details are : Join our YouTube channel to get early access to our films : In collaboration with iNous, we recently released a beautiful deck of 52 cards - each card containing a quote from one of our films, paired with the activating visual muses of Lanon Prigge. The aim of this deck is to rekindle child-like curiosity and creativity, helping to navigate the shared waters of our human experience with grace and joy. If you’d like to consider purchasing your copy, shop here - Who is Reflections of Life? We are Justine and Michael (previously known as Green Renaissance). We use our passion for filmmaking and our love of storytelling, to remind our audience of one simple truth – that we are all human. The more that we understand and believe in this interconnectedness, the more we will treat ourselves, one another, and planet earth with a greater sense of compassion. Editing - by Hanné Koster Sound mix - by Tamryn Breakey Music sourced from ArtList - Making Sense of Things - by Be Still the Earth Is There Anything Left - by Be Still the Earth Its Not That Simple - by Kevin Graham Deep Blue - by Liron Meyuhas Our Victory - by Be Still the Earth Jūra - by Ardie Son A huge thank you to these guys, who so generously gave of their to time to help with language translations: Arabic - by Mohammad Alkhudhair Assamese - by Partha Protim Borah Croatian - by Davor Bobanac Dutch - by Karla Greven English - by Justine du Toit Filipino - by Fanita Spears-Mogro French - by Amélie Macoin German - by Tanja Pütz Greek - by Angeliki Papadimitriou Hindi - by Parul Sharma Indonesian - by Ary Nuansa Italian - by Grazia Gironella Korean - by Chloe Park Macedonian - by Lidija Pusevska Markovska Polish - by Anna Konieczna Portuguese - by Tatiana Campelo Russian - by Assiya Marzhanova Slovak - by Zuzana Beratsova Slovenian - by Jasmina Kovačič Spanish - by Emanuel Mori Vietnamese - by Thi Le
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