Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden) - Bass Cover (With Tabs) by Leo Düzey

GET REQUESTS/TABS/PDFS ON PATREON: INSTAGRAM: SPOTIFY: “Run to the Hills“ from Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast“ album (1982). I probably already made a comment about this but yes, I am not going to spend 900 hours trying to learn the Steve Harris way of playing bass for just this cover. I will stick to my three-finger technique. I did switch to the Harris technique during the fast bridge in both the recording and the video. So I used the official isolated bass track for this song and a few things became very clear to me. And these things ALSO got confirmed in live videos. 1. Steve plays the intro up high. You can hear it in the warmer tone too, but also see him play it like that. 2. The verse gallops aren’t really JUST long notes. You can hear many many stops in between the gallops. So this tab will look a little different to your average Run to the Hi
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